How i came to know about tumblr?

I was obsessed to wallpapers and quotes…I used to download hundreds of wallpaper daily from favim and we heart it…one day I found a wallpaper from Tumblr on we heart it…n then found many ..I found tht Tumblr is having best wallpaper ever…so I thought I should download them directly from Tumblr and entered it on Google and found u need to sign up on it…n I went one step ahead n fell in love wid it…lol…its my story…wht abt urs?

N yeah my first follower on tumblr was avatarite…thank u so much for following me…and the first person whom i talked on tumblr was dharminder-singh and i feel blessed…bcz i have him as my best friend today…thanks to all of u for follwing me…:)



thanks tumblr story tell ur story senty hogi main tan emotional blessed i really love tumblr

"Fifth Guru Arjun Dev wrote:
“Gurbaanee is jag meh chaanan karam vasai man aa-ae ||1||"
- The Gurus word illuminates this world, through grace within the mortal’s mind it comes to abide.” ||1|| SGGS ||67

gurbani guru guru arjun dev ji


To dear anon,

You know i love anon messages…n wen i see inbox one i get butterflies…but frankly speaking its really bothering me from now ..i would not mind if u inbox me off-anon…i never posted off-anon msgs…you will make ur positive points if u will inbox me off-anon…i will love it…thank you so much in advance.

Have a nice day..or days ahead….life ahead.

- Xerox-life

anon no more anon msgs from one person

"Burn worldly love,
rub the ashes and make ink of it,
make the heart the pen,
the intellect the writer,
write that which has no end or limit."
- Guru Nanak Dev Ji (via sikhquotes)

(via jaggi)

Anonymous asked:

Fir v kida da Munda cahida

Raahi Answer:

Loyal, honest, hard working…at least more than me m little lazy, he must be kind of person who live for dreams, i cnt tolerate 1% of selfishness, he must be willing to have a romantic date near eiffel tower, the one who hold my hand tight and travel whole world with me…respect word should be in his dictionary….he must b polite…he shud knw how to make me smile wid surprises…i love surprises every gal do…he shud nt b perfect bcz noone is…dnt knw…m lost…he live in my dreams only…dnt knw i will find him or nt…its messy….!!!

Anonymous asked:

I would like to that person who will not hide anything from jiddi-kaur

Raahi Answer:

Being anon u will never be…Then inbox me off-anon…i never post off anon questions…